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Alfredo Mancuso

Alfredo Mancuso is a professional BMX rider and enthusiast who cofounded The Come Up, BMX's most popular website, and OnSomeShit, BMX-influenced streetwear and gear.

Alfredo was first inspired to do BMX when he was 13-years-old after watching Dave Mirra at the X Games. An early influence in his life was the BMX rider, Van Homan. When he was 15, his mother moved his family to Lakewood, California. At first, Alfredo struggled moving to a new place but found his own in BMX riding. What mainly got him into the sport was that it was fun, he was good at it, and it got him girls. He wanted to be a soccer player, but blew out his knee when he was 18. He thought that it was the end of his participation in athletic activities, particularly BMX. He worked at LA Fitness after his injury selling gym memberships for a while before returning the riding. What sparked Alfredo's growth in popularity was when a man by the name of Fat Tony filmed him performing stunts and tricks in 2006. On the side at one point, Alfredo was making $17,000 a year running his own eBay store.

Alfredo is a professional BMX rider and has been sponsored by a variety of brands and companies. He started his YouTube channel in 2006 and as of June 2017 has over 70,000 subscribers. Alfredo began a partnership and friendship with Adam22 to start the BMX website The Come Up and the BMX brand OnSomeShit. Today, Alfredo handles the financial and business side of their operation.