AQUAhydrate - the performance water: We add a proprietary blend of 72 trace minerals sourced naturally that provide significant electrolyte levels. Choose AQUAhydrate packed with electrolytes. So many that we boast 60% that of leading sports drinks. ELECTROLYTES MATTER & OURS IMPROVE TASTE TOO! AQUAHYDRATE - POSSIBLY THE BEST TASTING WATER IN THE UNIVERSE
PROCESS TO PURITY: Our water is filtered through reverse osmosis and sterilized with UV light. We bring the water to as low as 2 Parts Per Million (2PPM) of total dissolved solids and then infuse with homeopathic grade minerals and electrolytes for the purest taste. AQUAhydrate the performance water.
We use sophisticated - waste free ionization technology - to electrically separate the ions and deliver a massive 9.5pH. The elevated Alkaline levels are believed by many to help to bring the body back to balance and improve overall health and wellness.


AQUAhydrate - the performance water, is formulated for people with or seeking an active lifestyle. AQUAhydrate offers superior hydration without sugar, calories, or artificial additives. Using a proprietary blend of 72 trace minerals, AQUAhydrate is packed with electrolytes. Elevated alkaline levels help to bring your body back to balance. AQUAhydrate possibly the best tasting water in the universe.

Bring your body Back to Balance

Through an advanced three-step proprietary process, AQUAhydrate is ultra-purified, supplemented with all natural electrolytes and trace minerals and then elevated to an alkaline pH of over 9 using electrolysis.


Team AQUAhydrate is an elite group of professionals that embrace AQUAhydrate and join us in our pursuit of excellence. This symbiotic partnership aligns the success, passion and commitment of the elite with AQUAhydrate’s mission; to provide the world with superior hydration that enhances the quality of everyday life.

Lifestyle Gear Up

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It is this powerful synergy between alkalinity, electrolytes and minerals which fuels ultimate hydration, balance and performance, and which has made AQUAhydrate the water of choice for health/fitness authorities and professional athletes. AQUAhydrate is proud to have Mark Wahlberg as an active investor, shareholder and contributor.
Carmelita Jeter
AQUAhydrate - the performance water "What I need, without the sugar, calories or any of the artificial additives found in traditional sports drinks."
Carmelita Jeter 3-Time Olympic Medalist
Fastest Woman Alive