As a company passionate about hydration that enhances the quality of everyday life, we believe we have a responsibility to protect the environment. We respect the science that makes AQUAhydrate possible and are committed to renewable practices to help address the growing environmental concerns with single-use plastics.

This is why sustainability is a part of our core values. We are consistently pursuing the most renewable practices and packaging innovation that lessen our impact on the environment. AQUAhydrate will continue to be environmentally responsible, reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner planet.


With our commitment to high-performance alkaline water in mind, we have developed sustainable packaging solutions without compromising AQUAhydrate’s hydration benefits and great taste.


With single-use bottled water as the highest offender, AQUAhydrate offers unique large-format sizes that provide high-performance hydration throughout the day (more water, less plastic).


AQUAhydrate's proprietary process can be brought to any regionally sourced R/O reverse osmosis purified water, avoiding the need for high emission cross-continent transit.


AQUAhydrate has taken the first step in a journey toward sustainability with the introduction of a resealable aluminum bottle. We chose aluminum because it is 100% recyclable in all states—so it is truly sustainable.